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How difficult it is to understand the incredible reality of our existence! We are immersed in a universe of the "indefinitely" small and the "indefinitely large", in time and space outside and inside ourselves: matter, atoms, vibrations, energy, light, void, life, thought, spirit and so on. Then there's the real and the virtual, the production of a parallel multiverse generated by and for the enjoyment of our imagination; not to mention the relativity of the whole. These are matters we can place alongside the many other questions that mankind has always pondered and that continue, in the light of ongoing scientific discoveries and the incredible speed at which knowledge evolves, to generate new lines of inquiry. Like many others I imagine, I too am amazed and intrigued by the mystery of our existence and the breadth of the context in which we find ourselves. Increasingly often my day-to-day life intersects with these aspects and reality is thus relativized and appears to me in a flash as really very special. I realize that the real miracle is already in full swing.

In 2009 I designed a small collection of pieces, with numbered production runs limited to a few specimens a year. They developed forms inspired by these very themes. "Static Dynamism" addresses the profundity of time, "Cells Genesis" and "Tank Motion" are on existence and materiality, "Fulcrum" and "V table" on gravity and equilibrium, "Useful Icon" on love, "Space Carving" on time and space. Their forms are very different but profoundly related to one another.

I now believe that behind the creation of those works, in addition to a desire to amaze by freeing the appeal of certain forms more or less rationalized by certain interesting cerebral filters of ours, there was my desire to share the need to find more time to devote to this reawakening of awareness, a hymn to the wonder and vitality generated at each step towards the rediscovery of the proximity of the deep and surprising "real truths" hidden within our reality. Not exactly a manifesto of our inevitable ignorance but a sort of call to action against our torpor, which often induces us to accept a life based on needs and values that are wrong or ill-calibrated and that limit our field of vision.

About Space Carving:
it's the first of the pieces of the collection, produced in 140 cm and 180 cm versions, is a volume in mirror-finish stainless steel, a body reflecting its surroundings; it also reprises an important aspect of my "Mirror Bowl" project on spatial expansion and equilibrium, which I designed for Dupont(TM) Corian(R) some years ago. What a shape! For Space Carving I observed an hourglass: it has a sinusoidal profile, a symbol of energy and vibration, and a shape in which "space" is reduced, as if compressed and deformed to influence the flow and speed of matter (sand) and time perception under the action of gravity. So we are talking about space, time, matter and mass, energy, speed and gravity. Clepsydra - it's just an object, just a shape, and it still keeps me thinking!